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When you serve a Niets Product, you are part of the alcohol-free cocktail revolution and you’ll be amazed at the customer response.

Your sales will increase by offering an expertly made non-alcoholic cocktail rather than just a soft drink or fruit juice. This encourages your guests to linger and to enjoy your hospitality for longer! Your customers will welcome the opportunity to socialize without the infamous ‘fuzzy’ head the next day. 

A study of 80 distributors shows that typically Botaniets returns up to 6.5 times more than other low-demand traditional spirits you currently have in stock. Add to that the fact that serving a cocktail is 4.5 times more profitable than a soft drink making Botaniets an easy way to boost sales and profits.

Your mixologists can dream up wild new recipes based on Botaniets and the ‘Drinkstagram- mers’ will be enchanted by the innovation in beautiful looking alcohol-free cocktails.

We have a growing number of Chefs working with our brand in gastronomy and starred restaurants.  But also Bistronomic and local Brasseries are discovering the added value of having Botaniets served instead of a soft drink to their -still- more expected "clientèle".



Whilst Botaniets is based on a recipe from 1887, the real secret is combining the highest quality naturally sourced ingredients with expert distillation techniques, to produce an unrivalled 0.0% alcohol drink experience.

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Niets will focus in co-promoting with leading mixers brands and intends to drive growth from further involvement in co-branded promotional activities.  Send us your ideas, we'll get on it !

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Alexandre Niets,