Botaniets' Gin is a deliciously super premium gin, made with a number of unusual twists to deliver a most tasty experience, without any alcohol.

First unusual success for our recently-founded company Niets Distillery : we proudly announce that we just won a pretty silver medal at the New York International Spirits Competition, one of the three most prestigious international competitions among products of alcohol manufacturers. The tastes and aromas released by its nectar have therefore stood the comparison against the qualities of alcoholic gins.

From Botanicals to a successful story.

The Niets family name originates in the United States of America circa 1840.



Disappointed by the alcohol-free alternatives offered on the market, Alexandre Hauben, the family’s great-great-grandson, was inspired by the recipes and distillation methods of his ancestors to create the best non-alcoholic gin.

As a result, Botaniets comes out of a triple distillation.

This special technique was used until the end of the 19th century, while competitors mostly relied on a single or double distillation.

While the second is used to remove the alcohol from the drink, the third, which is cold and lasts five days, will draw from the maceration of the aromas an additional taste of juniper, rosemary and cardamom. A well-kept secret.

“Our product tastes like gin, it is not another tea adulterated with spices that we would call a gin ...”


Even before winning the New York award, we had already been selected by the organizers of the Belgian Pavillion at the World Exposition 2020, hosted by Dubai. As a matter of fact, they have selected our Botaniets alcohol-free gin as a culinary innovation. It will then be served at the bar and at the Belgian Pavillon restaurant.

The Group's management team and Board includes the founders of the business, who have considerable experience in F&B sourcing, On-trade & Off-trade Distribution, Event Hospitality, and Premium Marketing of Brands.