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Ginger Beer

1 tray of 24 bottles 200ml.

Our unique Ginger Beer features a trio of ginger extracts to create depth and balance. You’ll enjoy the freshness of ginger juice, the spice of ginger extract and a ginger distillate for that deliciously fragrant top note.

This spiced note is further enriched through the careful addition of a chilli extract and the addition of a hop distillate, made from the traditional English variety, “Brewers Gold” adds a light, fruity brewed edge, without the need for excessive sweetness.



Sparkling Water, Pure Fructose, Flavourings (Natural Ginger Flavouring with other Natural Flavourings, Ginger and Hop Distillates), Ginger Juice (0.3%), Acid (Citric Acid), Stabiliser (Pectin), Lemon Juice from Concentrate.

LOW IN CALORIES - no artificial sweeteners

Energy 170kJ/40kcal Carbohydrate 9.0g of which Sugars 9.0g


How to serve ?

Our Ginger Beer stands up spectacularly well when served alone, but can also be paired with premium spirits like the Botaniets Gin, or dark rum for a classic cocktail. Garnish with tangy lime zest for a splash of citrus, or a fresh slice of ginger to accent the notes of spice.

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