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French Bloom Sparkling 0.0%

French Bloom Sparkling 0.0%

French Bloom is a non-alcoholic organic sparkling wine, which fits perfectly into the atmosphere of any social setting.

French Bloom is an innovative product that combines the codes of sparkling wine, well-being and lifestyle.

Produced and bottled in the South West of France, French Bloom offers a range including "Le Blanc" and "Le Rosé".


French Bloom offers a new festive, healthy and elegant alternative to alcoholic drinks.

Today, well-being and sharing are at the heart of conviviality and conviviality is at the heart of well-being. The return to the essentials and the pleasures of everyday life represent a new way of being together to experience memorable moments.


French Bloom, the story of a friendship.

It took Constance Jablonski, Maggie Frerejean-Taittinger and her husband Rodolphe 2 years of research and development to create French Bloom and bring a real alternative to this new way of consuming and celebrating together.

With French Bloom, Constance and Maggie prove that it is possible to maintain an active social life that is good for both body and mind. French Bloom is about taking back control of your social life and breaking the predefined codes.


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